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I hate a lot of things about it, honestly, lol. Mostly the noise, the dust, the crowds. I pretty much never go out, lol.

One thing I do love about it is that I always get to think about historical stuff.

I really like looking up old images of stuff. I love the idea of permanence of certain things as the whole world changes around them. At one time I got interested on two lion statues and found this blog post with 150 year history of the two lions and images and stuff. I like the aesthetics of time lapsing, if that makes any sense.

I do hate its name though, calling your city "the vanquisher" seems like overkill. It's technically named after Mars through ("the vanquishing star", which is something I just learned before making this post thank you ), which I guess would make the name a little less lame.

Except, historically speaking it was mostly the vanquished and not the vanquisher, so that's a bit weird.

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