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I almost harmed myself because of my father

So my father who was a factory worker quit his job and he is earning some money.

He has two major bank accounts which he has shown me and his house mortgage has been paid off.

He will get pension money in the next 3 years and I am helping out now and will in the future.

My father is really being very negative, he says 'no one will be there for me'. He says he is dying when he is not and he says bad days.

Also he says we are finished quite a lot, he says he will have to go without food and other negative comments and many other negative comments. He says watch when winter comes here in the UK. I have a good track record being in a job, so what happens now, I suddenly will never work ever in my life? Does he seriously think that.

I reassure him a lot.

I do not struggle for money and won't.

I wish to quit this job and do some work from home stuff however he is just not letting me quit and wakes up in the morning saying 'when go to work'. Its like a mcdonalds type job I have at the moment, but to earn more I obviously can't do both at the same time. I need to quit that job. He keeps emphasising when I go to work.

Why doesn't he allow me to quit my job? I've told him 1000 times, but he doesn't listen and isn't willing to support me.

He is fine now and will be in the future. I understand he has a bit of depression, however he is worried about money when clearly he has no need to worry at that at all.

Then he says future how give money to bills when I pay for most things now. This is ridiculous.

saying I made you grown up and I do look after him.

This guy just complains morning, afternoon, evening n the last 7 weeks and he just is complaining and complaining about money when I give him money a week and he is not willing to allow me to quit this job and even earn more money so I can help him out. Even my sister gives some money.

Like I said I have a good track record of being in a job and also he is fine now and will be in the future, and I give income all the time.

Even now he says everything is finished.

He is sort of bullying me, he is just worried about this and that. Right now he also says clean the car now when I made it messy. We do also need a new car. But he isn't just willing to listen or he himself can get a very cheap one.

What a negative attitude. But why?
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