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Yeah, lots, but I've talked about it plenty of times on here already. I can't be arsed to repeat it all.

Originally Posted by either/or View Post
In HS I think we were too old and mature for bullying, I think that was seen more as a thing kids did.
What!? Lol. Not in my hs! The bullying in hs was way worse than anything I got in elementary/middle school. Bullying doesn't have anything to do with age. That's why we have things like discrimination.

Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
It's funny how bullying is just an intuitive human behavior that just naturally rears it's ugly head with pretty much no provocation.

Sometimes I think how odd it is that humans seem to be hardwired to be "evil" (in a figure of speech sort of way).
Humans are hardwired to learn and adapt. That means the possibility for evil (cruel, selfish acts) always exists in everyone and can probably never be eradicated. If the conditions are right, people will rise to the occasion. But since everyone experiences different conditions, not everyone will be conditioned for "evil". Some people are conditioned for kindness and acts of altruism. I have absolutely zero interest in making anyone feel bad.

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