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What Do You Like About Your Town?

Dear SAS forum members, what do you like about your town, city, or place of dwelling?

I say "place of dwelling" as some people live in the countryside, in houses which are not even part of a popularly recognised urban area. So for those people, I am asking them what they like about the area around their houses; not what they like about their houses. However -- it is OK for people to say what they like about their houses too. Honestly, it will simply be quite nice if someone here responds to me.

I love to go for walks around my town, and I especially love to go for walks in the woods. There are several forests: the largest of them has a little cafe at the bottom of a valley, in a small clearing surrounded by trees. I very much like to go there for a cup of tea, and perhaps a slice of cake as well. It is not unusual to see a squirrel or two, while calmly sitting at one of the tables with one's hot drink. I find it so relaxing there.

By the way, I know what sort of pictures might come up when one does a web search for Goddess Lilith, but I am actually very pretty -- and friendly!
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