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Back posting here after a 3 year hiatus

Things were looking great from a socializing point of view in my life. I became really popular at my retail job with all my coworkers because I was the life of the party at parties. Alcohol made me the person I was meant to be. I made alot of friends. Became close friends with a girl who I loved for 2+ years. She didn't love me back, which sucks, but she is the closest I ever got to a girl. Made other friends from work too. Also made friends I met on this website. Last year I graduated college and left my retail job. Alot of the friends I had from work drifted away when I stopped seeing them. I couldn't find a job in my area of study for a year (software development) then this bull**** virus happened and friends started hanging out less because they were afraid (I personally couldn't care less about getting covid). Eventually I moved 4 hours away when I got hired as a software developer. Social distancing combined with leaving my retail job where most of my friends were made led to my social life fading away. Even my cousin barely hangs out because of the virus, so I said **** it and moved 4 hours away. Now I have no friends in this new area. I visit my old hometown about once a month, but it's not the same. 2 years ago I was on top of the world, I felt like I beat social anxiety. I hosted a party at my house and had like 10 ppl come over. I felt like a normie. Now I'm back where I started.
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