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I think I wanted to be a mermaid, Tomb Raider and a video game developer in that order. Other stuff briefly too. Oh I wanted magical powers too obviously. Wanted to go to Hogwarts really badly. I wanted Pokemon to be real and I wanted to be some kind of gym leader in a virtual/electronic Pokemon league (like using the GBC + GBA games.) Like people would come and challenge me to fights and then I'd give them a badge (never got the opportunity to roleplay that or anything but that would have been cool.) I liked psychic/ghost/dark Pokemon, fire Pokemon, and Dragons so prob would have been a mix of those.

I don't remember really wanting things (and I'm still not very into things.) Maybe a PlayStation, I was very excited when we got one anyway. Probably the most excited in my entire life. I think so actually. I don't think I've ever been more excited than after we got a PlayStation (the original console.) I was about 7 years old. Maybe when I went to my first concert (Green Day) when I was 14.
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