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When I'm talking to other people (out loud, using my voice) sometimes entire words will just randomly drop out of my sentences. Like, my vocal cords just decide not to make the sounds. So I'll have to keep repeating myself. This happens a lot when I'm ordering something at a restaurant, or when I'm otherwise nervous and have to use my words.

Server: "What can I get you?"
Me: "I'll have a large _____ and a strawberry muffin."
Server: "A large what?"
Me: "A large coffee, with ____."
Server: "With what?"
Me: "With cream."
Server: "What kind of muffin?"
Me: "A _____berry muffin."
Server: "A what kind of muffin?"
Me: "Strawberry."

^ this is a fairly typical example of my ordering capabilities

It doesn't happen when I'm just having a conversation with someone I know and trust.

Can't tell you why you might be having that problem. Do you drink a lot?

Is it just me or is it getting crazier out there.
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