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If you have no practical goal in mind, and you actually want to die anyway, I figure you have to get creative lol. Also in fairness the OP said:

though if it's something obvious I'll probably get argumentative.
nobody was expecting bug ecosystem.

Suppose another option would be to find a use for working out, develop a hobby that requires it or a hobby that involves exercise in the first place. That's obvious though. I don't have a problem with this because there's something I enjoy doing that involves working out - swimming. Though I don't go swimming now because of covid and previously because of social anxiety but it's not a motivation issue it's an anxiety issue. Back when I did go swimming I also set goals for myself like swimming a certain amount of lengths. There are other things I'd probably enjoy doing too but that anxiety would also impact like team based sports or tennis etc.

Simply working out at the gym though I would find incredibly boring, and I did go to a gym for a while as a teenager with someone else but I also have unpleasant memories because of the person I went with which contribute, but even if I'd gone alone I would have found it boring.

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