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Originally Posted by RSxo View Post
Lots of the reasons about health, cost etc are all online, but often they aren't the biggest driver in losing weight - that would be your personal aim. What do you want out of it specifically, what's your goal?
That's why I made this thread, for people to try to convince me to do something I know I can. Of course I understand there are health benefits, but it's kind of a moot point when I'd rather be six feet under and prolonging my life would be like asking to be tortured some more.

Originally Posted by RSxo View Post
Every day that you workout, you're taking a step towards your goal, and each time you skip a workout, you're pushing that goal away. Arnold Schwarzenegger used this mentality while he trained
Also god-tier genes and an asston of steroids. Not to diminish the huge effort he also surely put into it, but comparisons like that only serve to remind me I'll never be up to snuff no matter how hard I try. Especially if my genetics are terrible for gaining strength like they are at so many other things. I suppose I can't know that for sure unless I give my body good conditions to grow and it just doesn't. And I'm not expecting to gain anything while I'm working off the excess fat.

Originally Posted by firelight View Post
The thought of going into old age and being so weak and helpless that I lose all independence is terrifying to me and a big motivator.
True, though not as scary as losing my mind due to dementia. Not sure that fear is a good motivator for exercise, but it's something. Just thinking I could have another 20-30 years of this life with ever-diminishing health and mounting regrets sends chills down my spine. Hopefully I'll have found a way out well before that.

Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
You could look at a baby photo of yourself and tell yourself that you’re looking after the baby in the photo, which is the truth because you’re still the same person.
Originally Posted by Persephone The Dread View Post
Yeah if you're suicidal or don't/like care about yourself than it's difficult to do anything like that. Might help to dissociate and pretend your body isn't you but a small eco system that's keeping micro-animals alive so you have to do it so they have a place to live for longer. Some crap like that.
Sorry, I can't delude myself like that, I like to think I'm resistant to magical thinking.

Originally Posted by coeur_brise View Post
It depends on what motivates you too. I mean, does it help more to set a goal of 1 hike per week or take more hikes in general? Switch to greens, include more colors on your plate or have exactly 1 red, 2 green and yellow in your diet? That kind of thing.
It has to be a daily routine without exception so that force of habit can help, because motivation alone sure isn't going to cut it. At least since I work from home that means I'm flexible.

Well, thanks all for the replies and encouragement. I will exercise and cut calories, if only to prove to myself and others that I did do something to improve my situation. Even if the outcome is meaningless.
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