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My motivation, even if only mentally is: look at JLo in her 50s. If she's not the fittest woman on the planet. Or consequently bruce lee or Dwayne Johnson? I know I won't get to JLo level at all, but hey at least I can walk a few more steps than i already am. Healthy is more of a feel for me.
It depends on what motivates you too. I mean, does it help more to set a goal of 1 hike per week or take more hikes in general? Switch to greens, include more colors on your plate or have exactly 1 red, 2 green and yellow in your diet? That kind of thing.

I talk a lot of **** but I'm actually quite overweight. Its normal for age though so.. you have to work harder. But that shouldn't deter you. No one can stay 21 forever. That is, if you did gain weight with age. I dunno.
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