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Persistent Depressive Disorder v. Major Depressive Disorder

Which one are you more likely to deal with?

My understanding is it is at is it sounds, one is more mild but long term, whereas the other is usually more severe but came on at a certain time. Treatment is the same for both, but I'm just curious.

I am definitely more of the Persistent variety. I can remember struggling since childhood. Looking at my history of attempts to get treatment since adulthood I seem to try treatment for a bit, feel I can manage without treatment, then a year or two later am surprised when someone suggests you might be depressed. Depression is such a hard concept for me to fully grasp. "Depressed mood" is actually in the criteria, that's like using the word in its definition.

I don't take much interest or enjoyment in things, but its not completely gone. I'm not down 24/7, but I am pretty pessimistic about everything including, at times, myself. So sure I would like to say I am depressed rather than just lazy.
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