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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
I do not see the ads. If they close the forum, they close the forum. It was originally owned and cared for by people who were actually emotionally invested in it. And now the moderators (and some of the members) are the only people who care about it in the same way. I think a lot of people would be disappointed if it went away in that way that you're disappointed if your favorite TV show goes off the air but there have been several attempts to provide people here with alternatives in case that ever happens. With varying degrees of fail.

For all of it's flaws and the fact that it is a shadow of it's former self, it is still a unique place that is basically impossible to replicate. Clicking the ads probably isn't going to make it live long and prosper, however. I'm amazed it is still here with the state the world is in right now. I don't know how any business is surviving right now. Except maybe grocery stores.

It goes both ways. People have to make money but internet companies that use ads have had many years of chances to make ads less obnoxious and invasive and they just haven't done it. They're still just as virulent, obnoxious and disrespectful of one's privacy as they ever were if you unblock them.
It can't be replicated - there are still many people on here before me, but even I have been here over 15 years. I was in such a crisis when I got here (I refer to it as my bad church experience). I found out later that the owners at the stepmother taught all three of her children when they were in the sixth grade! I got to grade their papers . It hit home for me more than many.

The ads have now forced me stop using Internet Explorer. It takes too long to load the page. The ads that appear seem to be from my own activity.

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