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A previous, really nice laptop of mine got hijacked by a malicious ad and encrypted my files for ransom, put a Trojan on it, etc. etc.; every time I deleted the malware, it'd come right back. And that was WITH up-to-date antivirus software running. A PC specialist couldn't fix it (but charged me for the attempt). Ironically, it happened to encrypt a text file required to start up Dropbox, so Dropbox--which I had set to launch on startup back then--couldn't load. Otherwise, ALL my file backups would've been ruined, too.

I really liked that computer. :/

I use adblockers now. If this site had nice, unobtrusive text ads, I'd let them show. Wouldn't click on them, but would let them show. No way in hell am I clicking on an ad intentionally after what happened before, though. Plus, SAS has had really bad ads that regularly hijacked my old mobile browser the very MINUTE I came to the site, so I had to switch to a new adblocking browser just to come here. (I never experienced that on any other site on my tablet, except ONE time on Tumblr. But the very minute I'd visit SAS, I'd have popups taking over my browser and demanding that I download stuff, and no way to safely get rid of them, so no thanks!)

I created a thread in the help section to report these problem ads. Thing went on over a year with no fix. Admins would take care of one ad only for it to be replaced by another. They aren't interested in fixing the underlying issue of hinky ads, so...I'm not interested in viewing their ads.

Kudos to anyone brave enough to click on them, though! I don't have the guts.

...I don't mean to sound so snippy but I REALLY liked that computer. And OH MAN if Dropbox hadn't been disabled...there would have gone all my writing, all my photos, all my everything. And that PC specialist could've at least refunded my money. She even tried to claim my antivirus software was out of date. Lie.

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