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Originally Posted by kcauley12 View Post
So when I was on Xanax I was taking .5 x2/day and it worked great. That was when I was on Nardil too.

Fast forward, I’m now on Zoloft 150mg, Nortriptyline 50mg, and Klonopin .5 x2/day.

Seems to me like Klonopin has VERY delayed onset. It takes maybe 90 minutes to kick in and only lasts 4 hours. When I was taking Xanax it would hit hard within 30 minutes and last 2-3 hours.

Do you think the Xanax was working better because I was taking Nardil as well?
Xanax kicks in faster than klonopin does. It probably did work better for you while you were on the Nardil. That wouldn't surprise me. Just curious but what made you want to quit the nardil?

Xanax is definitely more effective for panic attacks when your having one in the moment. However it is feared by clinicians and for good reason because coming off of it can be quite hard. Klonopin takes longer to kick in but it should work longer than 4 hours when it does kick in. You are on a pathetically low dose of klonopin. Quite frankly I'm surprised you are feeling it as much as you are.
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