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Things started out great for me and then slowly got worse as the months flew by. Things are strange and I donít know howís I feel about things most of the time nowadays.

I had several girlfriends and hookups over the course of this year and slowly they all left me AND blocked me. There were only a few girlfriends or acquaintances that I decided to leave because I was unhappy with them and now I just have a FWB relationship.

I also got fired last week despite my efforts to do the best I can at my job. Been there since last November and they just gave up on me like that. So now Iím trying to apply for unemployment benefits but since I never worked at a job for more than a year, I donít think Iíll get anything. Itís just very unfair and cruel.

On top of that, my health isnít exactly good either Iíve been having extreme toothaches. Might be due to an infection in my wisdom tooth so in a few hours, Iíll be at the dentist for the first time in my life. Hoping for a good recovery.
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