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Originally Posted by dotBSC View Post
I don't intend to sound selfish, not at all. But in your case there are clear signs from objective point of view why one might say that it's tough for them and absolutely everyone would understand.
Those things, hardship, is incredibly hard to compare without getting into another person's skin. If we can all agree that let's say very severe depression at the point when the person all could think is suicide is as bad as it gets.. Then the question arises how can we compare circumstantial and chemical hardship.
I didn't even mention the chemical hardship ATM, as I thought that went without saying. I haven't been this depressed in about 10 years, and my anxiety is constantly ramped up. There are things I can't say on this board because it'll just get deleted, or maybe get me banned. So I won't. But I'm pretty much done with everything.

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