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Drones, woodworking, models (rockets and plastic models). I used to try to build plastic models but it never worked out too well because I couldn't really afford it and I was not good at figuring out cheap ways to do expensive things. And didn't know anyone who was better at it than I was who could teach me stuff.

I did try my hand at amateur astronomy but that's way expensive and frustrating (weather and travel and endless waiting for everything to be just so).

I could have probably been decent at building PCs and selling them but I didn't get in on it when it would have been very profitable and by the time it occurred to me it might be something that you could make money doing there were already a gazillion 13 year olds doing it way better than I could have.

I probably wouldn't mind messing around with cars and mechanical things but it would probably take me ages to figure it out and I doubt I'd ever be any good at it. I don't know that hiking is a hobby but it is something I always wanted to do but probably wouldn't mess with now because my health is not good and it would just be miserable fighting with my worn out body trying to make it do things it doesn't want to do. There are lots of things I'm peripherally interested in but mainly as curiosity and I'd rather watch someone who is good at it and can afford it doing it than blunder my way to some cheap imitation of it.

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