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Same environment growing up. I just learn to tune it out. My sister and I shared a big room, so we just close the door when they go at it. But later on my mom will resort to forcing us to take sides to use against my dad during fights. When we don't side with her or take sides, she then also channels her anger at us. It was a horrid thing to do to me when I was only 8-10yrs old. It was very emotionally confusing and complex at that age wondering why she's also throwing temper tantrum at me aside from my dad. My dad fortunately does not get us involved in any way which I am grateful for.

The tension is the hard part. Even at my young age then, it can feel it despite not really knowing what was going on. Worse their fighting gets, the more I fear my mom will spill it over to us. My dad I didn't worry about that much, but he was just completely shut off and alienating from everyone due to the stress of constant fights.

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