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I daydream a lot, my head is always in the clouds, so more or less I just zone out. I've been using variations of zone in usernames for years now, because it fits. ZoneBox is just another variation of the username, of a long list of accounts I've had. Actually, before I even connected to the Internet, I used to run a BBS called "Drop Zone". The addition of box to my name was just random, I suppose it is supposed to represent my head but sounds cooler than zonesphere, or zonehead. ZoneHead probably would have been pretty cool too though.

But yeah, I zone out a lot. It is funny because sometimes my family will see me just staring off in the distance, completely disconnected from the world, and it freaks them out, like I am having some sort of stroke or something. I'm actually just off in another world, dreaming while awake.

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