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I don't really remember anything about picking this name except it had to be different from the one I had before. I think I saw someone on another forum who called himself "daaaaaaaave" or something like that and I thought it was kinda funny and I also like the movie and like how almost everyone knows what that's from. My name isn't actually Dave. Which it didn't really occur to me when I was creating this account that everyone would think my name must be Dave. I honestly probably would have picked something a little different if I had thought about it. I didn't expect to be here all these years later so it was kind of a whimsical "Oh, I'm gonna be silly and call myself willyoustopdave! It'll be cute and funny and kinda unique and easy to remember!" I also liked the idea of a question as a name just because I had never really thought a question could be a name (Which come to think if it is not as clever as I thought it was at the time and kind of embarrassing to admit).

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