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The Egyptian god of writing, Thoth (the guy in my avatar), plus his sacred number, twice. (When I tried to sign up with this name on Yahoo! twenty years ago, tehuti and tehuti_8 were both taken. I dropped the underscore over time when some sites got picky about allowing underscores, and I gave up on capitalization for signing in, so I go by a variant of Tehuti/tehuti, Tehuti_88/tehuti_88, and Tehuti88/tehuti88 around the Internet. One exception is Google, which wouldn't allow numbers, so there and on Google affiliates I'm Tehuti Eightyeight. Which is just dumb. I'm used to people just calling me Tehuti, they don't have to add the eights but I do prefer it capitalized when referring to me.) I was really into Egyptian mythology for a while and I like to write, though looking back on it, I feel pretty bigheaded now, taking the god of writing's name as my own.

Unfortunately, though it's never been a problem on any other sites (unless people are thinking it without saying anything), a-holes on Reddit tend to believe I'm either lying about my age (I was born in '76) or I'm a Nazi sympathizer because of the 88. I've seen at least one other user with the 88 in his username get a similar reaction (that guy actually was bigoted, though he too claimed another meaning behind the 88 ). According to Reddit, apparently you're not allowed to have that as a favorite number without either being born in that year, or being a Nazi.

(Yes, I know and have always known what the 88 means to Nazis, I don't need anyone to explain it. Was just dumbfounded that Redditors assume that and the birth year are literally the only meanings it can have.)

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