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What Jesus is showing people about the Future of America

This an archive of what the Lord is showing people about the future, see HOW MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE, I hope that will get your attention, are having the same dream's I personally had dreams and confirmation after doubting, here's covid 19 before it happened,
and part of David Wilkerson 1973 vision which half has already happened
Worldwide Earthquake,+ Major Earthquakes
Complete Economic Crash
Barack Obama Return to power as the Antichrist- must watch
massive Tsunami to destroy coast
Civil War
WW3 with Russian Invasion on U.S Soil
Don't take the Covid Vaccine-God is warning people not to take it
Future Zombie pandemic
Mark of the Beast- it's on it's way
a Virus far Worse than Covid
California split in two by Major Earthquake
fake Alien invasion after Rapture
Persecution Madness on Christians

would advice praying for Jesus to show you why, who to listen/study under, the majority of American churches/pastors especially the big names have nothing to do with Christ anymore there just using the gospel to build their own kingdom, I would advice turning back to older preachers like martyn lloyd jones or A.W Tozer or Jackie pullinger, I was personally pointed to Leanord Ravenhill David Wilkerson, and Paul washer by the HOLY SPIRIT
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