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Originally Posted by blue2 View Post
Its true though, all the fears & weaknesses we beat ourselves up for constantly are more or less the same as the majority of humanity, most are stronger, hide it better etc.. so if we can't love ourselves we'd never truly be able to love anyone else.
I like what you both said here. Absolutely. It's like in a relationship, if the man can't love himself then he can't truly love his girlfriend/wife. Because the man will be dependent on the woman to love him so that he has value. Then the man will be addicted to that "receiving" love, then there's a fear of loss which leads to jealousy.

However, if the man has succeeded in loving himself, then he will already have high value and be fulfilled. There no more dependency. He can finally give love to the woman without being needy because he's already fulfilled. He can finally truly experience his woman for who she is instead of coming from a mindset of "taking" to be fulfilled.

Remember, your views and what you have to say matter to others AND to yourself
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