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Is this related to social anxiety ?! I can't stick to things

I am struggling with social anxiety but i have another thing that i don't know what it's called also i don't know if it's related to social anxiety

I cannot stick to a thing!!
For example i have dental braces and i have to go to the dentist every month, i skip the appointment for 6 months some times until i feel bad about my self and go to the appointment.
This is just one example. another one is that i decided to learn programming online in summer vacation so i bought the course and i completed like 5% of the course and never completed the rest

Also sometime i read articles and in the middle i stop and i go read another article then go back, and i always open so mutch browser tabs like more than 100 sometimes because i don't complete my reading and i open another web page !! i know its weird

And i cannot stick to any structured thing i always like to jump in the middle and mess around

My mind always buzzing with different thoughts at the same time

I really want to know what this is so i can seek help, any one know what this is ? Please help
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