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Thanks! Glad you're handling this a bit better now. I can relate. At first it wasn't a big deal, but a little later I had to work hard to escape the gravity pull of anxiety. The fuel was the bombardment with news I exposed myself to, a continuous source of uncertainty and hyperbole's. Besides the nature of the news, it also disturbed my routine, which had a significant additional effect on me. Coupled with a bunch of horrible nights in a row, things were going South fast. So I put myself on a data diet, which payed off immediately. Just a couple of moments to stay up to date and sometimes some wider view on the whole thing are enough for me. I avoid fear mongering "media" like the plague (pun intended) and gravitate towards experts and teletext. The latter is perfect to stay up to date in a couple of minutes.

Dealing with anxiety is an ongoing challenge. I don't think you should have been better at it after many years, especially when it comes to panic. Waiting out the storm sometimes simply is the most sane option you have. I've been there too.

It must be nice to have a wife you can call and share each others concerns. I stay in touch with friends and family, which means a lot. Benzo's are made for emergencies like these. Great you have them around. I very rarely take them, but knowing I could take them has pulled me through a couple of emergencies over the years.

Part of my routine is meditation, in the morning and evening. I mostly use the music of Klaus Wiese or Mathias Grassow for it. Both also have records with singing bowls. Sometimes, when I feel anxious, I listen to their music on my headphones for hours in a row. It helps to transition from contraction to expansion, so to speak. Great stuff!

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