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I forgot to read the comb option and didn't vote for that but it really depends for me on where I'm at and what I'm doing.

For instance, if I'm walking around in the office, I've been able to learn to be able to glance and look at people—often just saying "hi" or nodding.

However, when I'm going into places where I don't know anyone, I try my hardest to not look at anyone 'cause it gets awkward really quick. It hurts when I feel other people being awkward.

And then, there are some very, very odd days where I'll obtain some unique form of confidence and be able to look anyone in eye. Even the women. Very weird.

It just keeps changing every week.

Though I have always made it my practice to be pleasant to everybody, I have not once actually experienced friendship. I have only the most painful recollections of my various acquaintances ..."
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