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Where to look when walking towards someone?

The answer(s) to this question is something that "normies" probably never even think about. But I wonder what people here do in this scenario. Please feel free to provide any additional details not listed below.

When someone you know is walking or moving in your direction, but they are far away, how do you face or look at them? What do you do? Assume it is an acquaintance that you have to acknowledge when they are within closer proximity. Avoiding the person is usually what I do and probably what some of you do. But that option is not an answer in this scenario.

A) Look straight at or towards them.

B) Glance forward a little bit, and then turn towards them when they are closer.

C) Look away, then look at them when they are nearby.

D) Combination of the above.

E) None of the above. Please explain. But changing direction or avoidance, or something similar to it, is not an option.

Also. How do you move your eyes? Which way do you turn your body and face as you are walking toward them? What expression do you make with your face? Do you maintain the same pace? Do you start moving faster or slower? Do you not actively think about your body language?
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