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I'm kind of crazy. I wish you guys...

Hi. I actually got a "serious" issue. It's related to this whole "SA" thing but also I can wander off into kookoo territory sometimes, and people stop listening. Up til then, I was convincing them. That it's "real". That, there is some "force". That Godly entities do exist. That there is some higher power. That I am a real "medium", who can communicate with that side.

Basically, in life, some really believe in a "God". Some don't. Some--don't know, don't care, and just say what is socially proper.

I'm all 3.

I gone thru phases, life was just a party. We're animals who must eat, mate, partner up.. or die. Lizards do that. Dogs and cats. I don't want to be the cat in the street with raunchy fur. I want to be the cat in the house, with some young daughter hugging me and posting me on photos all day. Buying houses and toys.

But cats are dumb animals. Truth is, that alley cat doesn't "know" it's way, way, way lower than that house cat.

Humans do.

And, whatever that "thing" is inside our brain that ALLOWS that awareness to be, well, that's a "thing" that was carried over from that spiritual world. It's like when a family moves out of their house and a new family moves in. The new family finds left over pots and toilet paper. They use it.

Well, we humans, found that "thing", left over, from the previous tenant-- and it's that. The thing that separated us from the cat. And so we know, that we're way, way, way, lower.. than some other. Or way way way way WAY better. And THAT is what scares us. And causes "SA". Cue the twilight zone music....
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