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Originally Posted by AV1988 View Post
Interesting how you entertain the communist ideology. To each their own.

This is about the great success of the United States. We do it not by individuals, but by states. We are a nation that has states that contribute with our own free capitalistic values/contributions. Relying on the federal government is when you've become a failed nation.

Hence why socialism and communism are never the answer if freedom is what someone wants.
I entertain "communist" ideology equally with any other ideology. My background is in cultural anthropology. I've studied social systems from every corner of the world at every period of time. They all struggle to balance individualism with collective duty. There were civilizations throughout history--even recent history--that did very well under centralized authority, but it came at a cost, of course, of individual freedom. That they failed was mostly due to an inability to respond to the crisis (that takes place in any number of forms) that befell them, and this happens to liberal systems as well.

In our modern world the problem lies--as it always has, really--with the access of people to the wealth generating environment in their society (or state). The system stops working when too many people are left out. I think "capitalistic values" are fine. It's a road to access the wealth generating environment. I only criticize those people who block it, and sadly, many are capitalists themselves.

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