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Originally Posted by AV1988 View Post
I choose freedom. Socialism and Communism aren't freedoms. It limits them. So yes- I absolutely go with the founding fathers.
Yeah. There is always a compromise to how much individualism (freedom) and how much collectivism (duty) a person must practice. A misconception is that they exist in extremes. They don't. I don't believe they ever have...not even in places where we imagine there was rampant tyranny.

The United States became "great" by championing the best virtues of the individualist end (I will not go into the militarist backhanded methods of how they went about it), but due to their success over the centuries I think its culture has slowly neglected the collectivist counterpart, only using band-aids like the "new deal" when it was convenient. At some point, the negligence will turn into a major vulnerability. I don't know if it will be in 2020, but with so much crisis going around the world, I can't imagine the answers will come by pushing more individualism by way of the current capitalist fashion.

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