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Originally Posted by millenniumman75 View Post
They are fighting to become Lesbians?
Sounds like a party but unfortunately no.

You have to admit that this is a disruption to the people living there. They aren't going to be able to handle all the incoming people. They have a right to be upset. We went through something like that here.
In Athens they're fighting police brutality/repression and in response to an undercover cop shooting at people, previously cops weren't allowed on campuses but that's recently changed with the new conservative government.

I imagine the island protests are mostly fascistic, although the detention camps there are horrific and overcrowded and people are apparently not allowed to leave, so there's plenty of reasons to protest their existence.

I can't date the Athens one since the tweet is recent, but there's no media about it.

edit: OK so this is from yesterday:

This similar story is from November:

Kick down the door
Kick through the pain
You've been talking to the wall
Everybody is dead in this house

Kick down the door
Kick through the pain
You never wanted to be born
Everybody is dead in this house

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