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Volunteering and getting a degree

Hello everyone!

Today marks a special day in my life since two things happened.
First, I officially got my university certificate today. The certificate itself doesn't hold that much meaning to me, but all the struggles I went through mentally to get it was certainly meaningful. Over the past 3,5 years a lot happened and even though my fears are still here, I managed to grow a bit as a person. Not everything was easy, but I loved every single day of my study program and am feeling a bit sad to leave it behind me now. (The degree doesn't help me that much in getting a job, but it did help me move out of my comfort zone a bit).

I will also start volunteering in a student organisation soon. Still super nervous about meeting new people there and about my tasks, but I'm also excited to try it out. The organisation is a good place for me to get 'work experience' and practice my social skills, since everyone is volunteering and the atmosphere seems to be relaxed than a 'normal' workplace.

This is a super short post, but I just wanted to get that out. It may not seem as much, but for me those are two big steps forward.

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