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Originally Posted by Chevy396 View Post
No way. It is nothing but four white walls and barely room to lie down. Maybe a mat to sleep on with no pillow. You never know what time it is, day or night.

You might get a sandwich with bologna drenched in sodium benzoate and a glass of water a couple times a day.

You might be able to figure out the time of day based on when they serve your "food", after a few days.

It is designed to strip you of your sense of self and break you overnight.

I said that partly in jest . If you put it that way it sounds like a lifetime of torture. I've also heard about nasty things they put in foods to the point where inmates starve rather than eat contaminated foods. Especially if theres no end, even the strong willed are put to the test how long they could mentally make it. There was a case a while back where an inmate had his sentence petitioned for early release because he had turned into a vegetable over the decades of isolation. If I were given that reality for a life behind bars, then someday I'd probably start looking for a way out by hanging or cutting.

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