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Originally Posted by millenniumman75 View Post
Originally Posted by Chevy396 View Post
Maybe they dropped the charges because it's ridiculous to spend tax payer money to charge someone for lying to the cops unless it's something serious, like I dunno, the President and his lackeys lying about their organized crime?
Chicago spent $130,000 investigating his claims. They sued him. He walked away. If they pick and choose what they want to investigate, real crimes go unchecked?

He basically minimized the true hate crimes that have occurred.....all to get attention and try to get a raise on his pay from his TV show. He also used two other guys and basically told police that they attacked him.

Originally Posted by iAmCodeMonkey View Post
And here we go again... <a href="" border="0" alt="" title="" >:-)</a>
People get held accountable for making false reports. <a href="" border="0" alt="" title="" >:-)</a>
This was a false report and it even involved using the U.S. Mail.
Do you have any idea how many false claims go through their systems every day? If they hunted down every one the state would be broke in a month.

Maybe there is some sort of political motive behind this news article? Nahhh, couldn't be.
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