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"Fate" is a little more nebulous of a concept than "luck". And "fate" has more mystical connotations. I like to think of the future this way. Take everything that you know and everything you don't know and throw it in a giant blender. Then you place your desired outcome in a (somewhat) resilient bubble of hope and hit start.

The fact that you have a desired outcome in mind doesn't mean that's what's going to happen (because everything that is possible is all around you and you have no idea what's gonna hit you at any given time). But perhaps makes it at least somewhat more likely if you are able to hang onto it and try to stay oriented and focused on it while that cyclone of randomness is swirling around you.

People who believe hard work pays off have to because otherwise, it wouldn't make sense to them why they made it and a million other people didn't. There must be something special about them. do we know there isn't? Maybe there is. But probably not.
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