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Severe Head Shaking and Social Anxiety

I have strong head and neck tremors when people look at me, when I in public, when I am in class and the teacher look at me my head shakes so bad to left and right, my head shakes when I am in class and when I hear noises (specially loud noises) make my head twist fast left and right and I get super tense and paranoid because I can't stop thinking people are looking at me shaking my head like a insane, I feel like I will die at the moment of the head shakes and I feel I going to pass out and going crazy because people see this, I don't know what to do anymore, this SSRIs, SNRIs, benzodiazepine, suplements, meditation, deep breathing, nothing helps my situation I don't want to leave my house, I wan't to die because I can't even sit in a **** of a chair in a **** of a classroom and pay atention because everyday I feel i going insane in every place that has people, I see everybody living normally without this head shakes of social phobia and I can't just leave my ******* house, I feel my life is a Joke, in the past a had hope but I have this head shaking for like 10 years and my life is a ****, and know I pray to god everyday for me to die, I just want to die I don't have more energy for this **** life, this head tremors are the worst thing in the word I literally prefer to get shooted at the stomach everyday to live with this head tremors in social situations, I just wanna tell if anybody is reading this, if you are please listen this, be greatful for your life even if you have social anxiety because the day you have this head/neck tremors you will, and I tell for sure, you will want to die I promise you, this **** ****** my life I can't be normal, you should be thankful for your life because I, I just came to this life to be a joke and to get ****** in the *** everyday while I see everybody being able to live in peace, look, I have 24 years and never kissed a girl because of my severe social anxiety, I didn't had luck in this life. This **** of head shaking defeated me and I hope god or life give me the misericordy shoot and I die soon.
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