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I have looked at it from different points of view, and even though they all make sense to me, I don't feel like there is any purpose to it, simply cause and effect, or survival of the fittest if you prefer.

When I had a near death experience, I saw it like a heroin addict might when they shoot dope in their veins - that it doesn't even matter, but finally makes sense why we all keep killing each other just to stay alive, whether it be on accident when we are driving to a job that is more important to us than that little risk factor of killing someone with your car, or if it's consciously at the point of a gun. It's all the same from up there (high on near death dope or something, I didn't quite die, but it sounds like how they say God looks at it too. Kind of a dick if you ask me since he isn't the one suffering.).

As for luck though, I always try to stack the odds in my favor (without breaking too many rules or that comes back on you too), which is creating your own luck. It's all math to me, I guess. An if then statement with a bunch of external variables to watch out for as well.

I even carry a lucky silver dollar in my wallet, but that is more of a psychological hack because it makes me feel a little safer, which gives me a little more confidence, which could help in many tough situations. So in a way it really does improve my odds in life by carrying it even if I look at it differently.
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