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I would rather die. I heard you constantly feel dirty in prison. Then there's dealing with getting beaten up and people ganging up on you and getting a longer sentence because of it. And I heard it gets really cold there. Also the fact that it would be hard to sleep almost every night and the possibility of getting bedbugs. The list goes on and on. I saw a video of this one girl explaining what it's like in prison and those were some of the things she said. Even getting clothes washed would be hell to deal with and gross. She said she had to work out in the heat for hours and the sun was shining on her. I think she said she got sunburn.

I don't believe it when people say prison isnt that bad cause it sounds like pure torture and hell. Not worth living for at all for me. I'm sure the time goes by extra slow cause of how badly it sucks so a 10 year sentence would probably feel like 20 years. Then theres the fact of getting your life together after getting out of prison. It would be extra hard. I would go insane within a month of being in prison.
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