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Are Luck and Fate Real?

A lot of people out there firmly believe that everyone makes their own fate. And that luck is mere superstition. “One reaps what one sows” they say, and I would agree to an extent...

I have also noticed that the same people who spout and vocalize these beliefs are almost always in a good position. Meaning, that they have accomplished something and can look back and attribute their success to “hard work”.

But that justification falls apart by a matter of simple observation. As one can easily or recall cases of people who worked just as as hard if not harder and met less fortunate ends. At the same time these people don’t take into consideration the various external factors that could have easily derailed their goal (eg: car crash, Miss-placement of an important document, death, bad weather, etc).

I recall a situation from when I was in University where I had taken an important test. I studied hard , learned the material and took the test. I felt pretty comfortable about my answers and in my mind I knew that I passed with flying colors . To my dismay I received 0 credit. Upon speaking with my professor I was informed that I never showed up for the exam. I doubt it to this day since the first thing I always did was write my name on the tests. Nonetheless , I asked if there were any solved tests without a name and was informed that there were none. It became quite clear that that either the professor and her assistant had lost my test, or that another student wrote his or her name over mine. I was distraught... the professor then offered me to take a much harder make -up test with less time ( as if it wasn’t her fault that my test was lost ). In her mind she was doing an exceptional exception for me. To top it off I had to take it while being directly observed and while a section of the building was under construction ( loud noises and shouting/high stress factors for me). I ended up passing, but my test results were never as good as my original test had it not mysteriously vanished. Even though I overcame the difficulties I cannot help and wonder why everything stacked against me with no direct fault of my own. That showed me that my own abilities are nothing if I am not given the appropriate medium to shine.

Are luck and fate real? Do they serve a higher purpose?

I recall the case of this woman from the church that I used to attend with my mother when I was 13 and still pretty religious. This woman always attended church with her husband and her two sons. One was in his late teens while the other boy was around my age. One Sunday we were informed by the priest that a horrible accident had occurred during which this woman ‘s husband and older son perished. Everyone was in shock and in awe .Afterall this family was active in the community and was well liked. Everyone came together and tried their best to support the remaining family members. And against all odds they seemed to get back on their feet. Then about a year later we were informed by the priest that the youngest son had perished in yet another car accident . This time he was with a group of friends and had been the only fatality.

The priest asked us to pray for her and proceeded to jump through all kinds of mental and theological hoops to justify this horrid situation. None of the explanations seemed logically plausible nor spiritually fulfilling. I never saw this woman again...

So luck it seems, at least to me, has no metaphysical value nor does it seem to serve higher purpose. But it is still a very real part of the human experience. It is there.

Luck cannot be justified or explained outside of the circumstances and the outcome themselves. It would be like trying to find a higher reason as to why the pulmonary system in takes O2 and expels CO2 and not vice-versa.

What do you make of luck and fate?

"Existence well what does it matter?
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future,
The present is well out of hand"

― Ian Curtis
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