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Rather Die Or Go To Prison?

My Uber driver today was telling me his story of getting robbed in his house at gunpoint and taken out into the country to be shot and buried, only narrowly getting away when a cop finally caught up to them.

Turns out it happened in the same neighborhood I'm from. Actually a fairly affluent one, but apparently prime for home invasions. It made me mention that's partly why I sold my guns because I don't want to go to prison for shooting and killing a home invader, even though I feel like I'm basically leaving my doors open at night. I said I think I'd rather just get killed by them instead of risking prison if they found I wasn't justified in killing them. He argued that he'd rather go to prison than die.

I think he had a point too. Once you get into a situation like that, every part of your being starts to fight to stay alive. So maybe I'm deluding myself by thinking I'd rather die like that than risk going to prison for unjustifiable self defense.

I can't make up my mind though. Imagine how horrible prison would be, especially if you felt like you didn't deserve to be there. Every minute of every day that anger and resentment would eat away at you. Especially if you aren't stupid enough to believe in some sort of Jesus Daddy who helps you forgive and forget your oppressors.
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