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Originally Posted by Don View Post
I feel as though anxiety has taken a lot of my ability to enjoy things and live in the present.
I can't enjoy things like going out to eat with friends, going to movies, being with family, or even being alone (although there is a subtle comfort in being alone for me that makes it feel preferable). Everything I choose to do always drains me with feelings of anxiety or shame. I can never just enjoy people or going and doing things for fun anymore because I know those things come in tangent with my anxiety. Feel constantly worried and no matter whether I'm alone or around people everything is draining me. I don't really know what to do with myself sometimes. I'm not really sure if I can enjoy life, live in the present, and just be.
I noticed when I got social anxiety that I didn't enjoy music anymore, i didn't feel as excited. I think this is what your talking about:

I have read about this in multiple threads before, and I tried explaining it to a therapist before but he didnt understand what I meant. But thats it. That's the reason we don't enjoy things anymore as much. Medication can help this.
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