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Have I ben shadowbanned on here? Angry

I feel like I used to chat to people on the chat, but I never get proper people to talk to anymore. its just the same bunch of people. That can not be normal-i feel they are just fake accounts. I feel one or several of the mods has decided to shadow ban me, because I was getting too popular.

Mods Pease un shadow ban me so I can go on the chat with real people again.
This is my only social outlet mostly right now so I need it for my heathy functioning.

I know you shadow banned me. Just undo it already. I would also like to accept a public apology in my thread for what you did.

Has anyone else ben shadow banned on here or on other webpages. I am sure I was shadowbanned on a dating site too once, again becus I was too popular with the ladies.

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