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Originally Posted by NerdTron View Post
Don't really know how it started to be honest. As long as I can remember I was never really good social person I always felt a slight sense of anxiety even at a young age when ever I would go to school or go out in public. I never knew what it was until I was 18 or so when I found out about social anxiety.
but even if you feel bad now mentally , you still kinda feel relieve ,because now you have knowledge about it , but if you dont have knowledge about it and it strikes you , that is the most dangerous thing that there is , if i knew how important the human brain was when i was a child , then i would prevent any situation that leads to mentall illness , but how can i turn the time back before the accident , i cant do it , maybe its fate that said that i should deal with this , there must be something that i did wrong during my glories days , but i dont know what
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