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Originally Posted by jesus alejandro View Post
feel free to answer , i would like to tell my story how it started

my story started when i was playing soccer in spain , i love playing soccer , my wife and son were watching me play one night and my son was so happy seeing me score a goal , that he ran to the streets to let other people know that i score a goal , so i saw him run to the streets , and was in fear i immediately ranand jump over the fences ,

while my trainer said where are you going jesus , my wife was too slow to catch him , i ran the car came and i made it in time , pushed my son away and got hit by the car , my soccer career was over because i was in a comma for 1 months , and i was diagnosed with depersonalization , after i panicked in one of those games in my recovery and started to push my teamates away , but i didnt know that i had it until it happened in the mall , when i pushed them away

they knew that it was because of the comma and brought me to the hospital , i was very sad , bit because i like it so much , long story short , the doctor said i cant play anymore until i get better , i got better but lost all the desire of playing again because i took such a long break , now i go all over in schools sharing my story and telling the kids to stay safe i make a living like this and i am a speaker now , i just hope that my sons dont get this , but im happy that they got my back
That's a very sad situation mate - isn't it strange how an accident can cause these mental health problems? One thing which is good, (actually 2 things) - your son is safe, and you're still here. Does it affect you in any other way apart from this depersonalisation? I've heard of that but I don't think I understand it.

I think my anxiety started when I was about 15 or 16 - but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't function. And it wasn't like a lot of the young guys on here - I still could have normal relationships etc and I could go to work.

It's become much worse now I'm older though - I don't know if the antidepressants they gave me about 12 years ago started it or whether it was there all along - but I certainly have a serious problem now with the bipolar. It makes me very unstable and it's difficult to deal with.

Edit: the situation with my mental health got worse, not the anxiety)
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