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I've used regain. Comparing the way the 2 sites work (as I did test out betterhelp) the interface is exactly the same, so I believe they are owned by the same company. Either that or one of the sites copied everything the other site does 100%.

My counselor doesn't know my name, what I look like or my ph#. Sure I share personal info, but whatever, i feel a little more at ease, saying whatever, hoping they don't try to stalk me down. Plus I don't have to drive, waste gas or go in traffic for a session.

The quality, I'm not so sure about to be honest, I really felt like changing counselors (they let you do that). I recommend to doing a weekly call for sure, the messaging on the platform, isnt good enough, its there if you need it, but talking on the phone is easier. They let you do voice over the computer and possibly even video, but I've never done either, as I want to be away the computer. I'm thinking of switching counselors, but seeing where this is going, its helping a bit, but at times I feel this counselor may not have a good plan as what I need to work on next.

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