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Originally Posted by CNikki View Post
Not sure if I can agree to that last statement. When I started anti-depressants and a sedative, that's when the 'manic' episodes came in. Usually when one goes on anti-depressants and becomes manic, it is considered as bipolar disorder. But looking back and seeing how I've basically been given one medication after another simply because of any move that was made, it made things worse than they actually were. When it genuinely started going bad and I went cold turkey from medicine while other things were going on, that was when I was least seriously taken. I hold that grudge with the psychiatric and to an extent the psychologist industries. This also counts the potential bodily damage that was done if I had not went cold turkey after basically being told to 'suck it up'.
I wouldn't even begin to try and describe the problems I've had with psychiatrists - and I never usually defend them. I've been on the medication round-about before too ages ago - it's disgraceful. I remember being in the hospital and one of them will have wanted me to try some drug - only for it to make me feel so horrible I couldn't walk. A few times I literally had to just tell the nurses I refused to take it anymore and then I told the shrink later. I can't stand most of them - and I really hate medication tbh.

But I do think it must be hard for them to diagnose serious mental health issues. They need to watch over a period of time and see how things change. Plus when they first meet you - which is what I was basically talking about there - they only really have what's in front of them to go by.

I don't honestly know how many of my problems were caused by the medication itself and which was me. My wife thinks I've been pretty strange ever since she met me 30 years ago - and I agree with her, although I don't completely trust her memory either.
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