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I googled 'Is social anxiety related to narcism' b/c I'm lazy and found this viewpoint to be pretty spot on.

"Let me turn it around. Are narcissistic people socially anxious? I doubt so. They like to boast about themselves to feel good about themselves. They assume people will like them, and even if people don't like them, they don't care, they have sufficient self-love to get by. It doesn't hurt if they do not receive such love from others.

Socially anxious people, on the other hand, usually don't feel too good about themselves. They care what other people think of them, because they want to be liked and accepted. They struggle if they face rejection or are deemed by others to be inferior, uncool, or unlikeable. They do not know how special and wonderful they are and that actually they do not really need anyone's approval to be truly approved.

Looking from this angle, though both the socially anxious and narcissist are preoccupied with themselves, their motivations or starting points are very different. One thinks they are too good to be true, the other thinks they are not good enough to be loved."

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