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Originally Posted by n.bridges View Post
Hi everyone,
Iíve never really reached out to anyone besides a therapist before, because itís terrifying and hard to know who I can talk to. Online is also scary in some ways, but I figured it would be easier. I have to try.

Sometimes I really need to talk, and itís painful to not be able to. To sum up my situation, My anxiety started in Middle school and created a very hard High school experience. Now I am in College and it is better and more freeing, but I havenít really made progress in being able to feel okay about myself and make any real connections.

I have a lot to love in life, but also several other things to work on, so social anxiety isnít my whole story, but it sucks enough for me to write this, which is unheard of for me.

Iíd really just appreciate someone who can listen, so I donít just sit alone feeling so ****ty with no way to let it out. I know itís rare to find that sort of trust, but Iím tired of this lack of connection. I feel that I need to try to make some sort of connection if I want to get anywhere.

Welcome to the forum mate. Here is a find a friend thread if you need someone to talk to.

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I really had bad days I felt like am alone but it was once worse. I think am making progress and finding my smile back.
What am currently on:
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The link is audios,videos and by that Irish guy Barry McDonagh(one of my favorite Social Anxiety authors ). Sharing is caring.
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