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Originally Posted by sick + lonely NEET ShutIn View Post
yeah, if you think about it movies are way more expensive than singleplayer games.

i get your point and i still will buy singpleplayer games (after they dropped the price, i will not buy at release) but for me, i have a problem with quality over quantity.

because i have plenty of quality time with multiplayer. i am old, 37 years old i played since the nes and master system times.
i have seen most of the singleplayer games out there.

so for me, i miss quality in modern singleplayer games. if you think about it, most singleplayer games have a story for children. they are kinda juvenile.
Depends what the litmus test is on a game being mature or juvenile. I dont feel the ones I listed are juvenile. The last of us's first 10-20 minutes are heart wrenching. Spiderman I'll give you..but its fricken spiderman. hellblade tackles some mature stuff.

I dont really play jrpg's but those did look as you described

an aspect for me, too, is that the story isn't actually number 1 for me. I would play a game with fun mechanics with a not great story, but I probably wouldnt play a game with a good story and bad mechanics. It's kind of just a "time in my life" situation where I would rather finish a game and play another one instead of an endless multiplayer game. I did play the crap out of overwatch though. But i felt so empty after a battlefield game for example because of the endlessness. Titanfall 2 was the same

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