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Originally Posted by ShadowOne View Post
I do worry about how much more financially viable MP games are compared to SP games. People dont want to pay full price for a SP game like they will for MP ones
i dont think that its the price. its the content you get. for instance...the typically singleplayer game i play for 30 hours maximum. 80 hours if its a rpg.

i bought quake champions and overwatch. on qc i have 250 hours of playtime. i payed 30 euro. on overwatch i have like 600 hours of playtime, i payed like 20 euro.

thats a huge difference in what you get for the money. in overwatch and qc you still get new maps, heros and other content for free even after you bought the game like 2 years ago.

in singleplayer games you need to buy dlcs because there will be one or two updates after you bought the game but after that you have to pay for a dlc.

so you get way more out of a multiplayer game for way less money.

i have so many fullprice singleplayer games on steam i bought for like 60 euro and played them for 10 hours maximum. if you think about it, thats not really worth it. its insane.
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